Suitable For Apple 14 Series Armor Wind Waist Clip Three Defense Military Fall Protection Shell

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Color:  Black
Model:  iPhone 14
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About this product

  • Compatibility: Armor Rugged Defender military-grade heavy-duty protective phone case is designed for iPhone 14 Pro Max case, 6.7 inches, released in 2022. Precise cut ensures full access to all ports and buttons
  • Built-in bracket: iPhone 14 Pro Max case with bracket, perfect for vertical and horizontal position. It is convenient to read, watch movies, play games, browse the web and chat with friends face to face. Provides hands-free portrait and horizontal view.
  • Built-in screen protection film: This transparent screen protection film has sensitive touch performance and prevents accidental scratches on the mobile phone. Add a layer of protection to the screen. The raised border helps ensure that the touch screen scratches when placed face down. We provide two frames, one with built-in membrane and the other with frame only. You can choose to connect the toughened membrane yourself
  • Full body protection: The four-corner groove airbag of this armor mobile phone shell, with its unique shock absorption design, protects the fragile parts of the smart phone more comprehensively. The raised edge raises the camera to prevent your lens from being impacted, collided and scratched. In addition, our phone case also has a lens film to prevent your phone lens from being damaged
  • 360 ° rotatable belt clip: iPhone 14 Pro Max protective sleeve can rotate 360 °, you can rotate according to your preferences. The detachable rotating belt clip leather cover is convenient, hands-free and pocket-free. Provide all-round protection for your mobile phone in all activities, especially when working, sports, camping and traveling.