New Pixel7 Pro Series Double Layer Waterproof Protective Shell

$32.99 $49.98 Save $16.99
Colour:  Black
Model:  Pixel7 Pro
Style:  Standard Package
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Product description

  • Suitable for Google 7PRO waterproof function PET touch screen waterproof phone shell Pixel7 enhanced waterproof shell
  • The new version of Google Pixel7PRO fall-proof waterproof cover, which is a high-strength four-proof mobile phone shell, is fully sealed and protected, and does not affect the operation of the mobile phone. The latest research and development achievements are worth owning!

※※※※※※※ Product upgrading ※※※※※※

  • 1. Sound, sound quality, call upgrade, better effect
  • 2. The fall prevention is upgraded and flexible
  • 3. The mute key is upgraded for more convenient operation
  • 4. Color matching upgrade
  • 5. Upgraded buckle, easy to disassemble
  • 6. Screw cap upgrade (threaded)
  • 7. Upgraded feel, more sensitive touch screen, fine texture, comfortable feel, anti-slip and wear-resistant
  • 8. The rear cover is upgraded with frosted texture, flexible and elastic, and can be folded 120 ° without deformation
  • 9. The weight is only 70.7g, twice as light as other waterproof shells
  • 10, thinner, only 10.61mm, only 3.5mm thicker than iPhone 6
  • 11. Material upgrading, new imported materials, environmental protection and health
  • 12. Waterproof upgrade, sealed and waterproof, no dripping
  • It is better than similar products. It is 360 degrees sealed, does not affect the operation of the phone, and has incomparable functions. This is the real waterproof phone

Product application:

  • Daily application: kitchen, hot spring, bathroom, rainy day, etc
  • Outdoor application: tourism, mountaineering, cross-country, skiing, etc;
  • Water application: rafting, surfing, swimming, diving, etc;
  • Operation application: field survey, drilling workers, etc;
  • Product advantages:
  • Waterproof - excellent waterproof performance, passing IPX8 grade test;
  • Convenience - normal answering phone, receiving and sending email, reading e-books, playing games, etc;
  • Environmental protection - the new European standard PVC material can pass ROSH